A unique creative visIon

for your branding & digital marketing

Luxurybrands.digital is a creative digital marketing agency.

We empower brands by merging branding and digital into one and unique global strategy. Luxurybrands.digital is the alliance of an artistic and analytical vision. We bring you the remarkable credibility and commitment necessary to convince demanding audiences. We are experts of the top class level of consumers, we know how to find them and to make you shine on their eyes.  

We believe that creativity, coherence and consistency are the foundations for a successful, efficient and secure multi-channel development.

We make brands powerful


Our high-end customers choose us for our expertise of their environment, the engaging ideas we propose and the growth we achieve together.


We are specialists of demanding audiences. We know how to reach and convert them. We manage to make them believe in your products and services.




We create videos to tell your stories

We are proud to promote Monaco


We bring our expertise in global marketing to Pavillon Monaco (governmental company) to promote the Principality internationally through major events such as World EXPO 2020 Dubai. 

Together, we created the first Nation Branding for Monaco.

Thinking method


Resonnance is our unique thinking method to build successful client experiences.

It is based on three pillars:




100% satisfied clients

Agility, Interactivity, Transparency.

To guarantee a perfect understanding of your requests and a maximum impact, we put you at the heart of our processes. You follow the development of your projects in real time thanks to the implementation of interactive, dynamic and easy-to-use monitoring tools. Welcome to our customer experience.

Collaboration, confidence

Confidence is the basis of agility. We base this trust on the quality of our solutions and all the monitoring solutions we offer.

Design thinking

Create desirable experiences. A synthesis between analytical and intuitive thinking. A mobile & creative spirit aiming at your success.

Real-time monitoring

Follow your projects online. Test the interfaces with our dynamic prototypes and exchange directly.


You remain the owner of your accounts and your tools, we manage them for you. Transparent methods to focus on what really matters.