Brand experience

The brand experience refers to all the emotions and perceptions consumers feel towards you. It brings together all the contacts and perceptions of your audiences with your brand.

The creative challenge consist in translating your business objectives into design, and strike your audiences emotionally. Strategy, artistic direction and tone of voice will position you instantly in your competitive environment, right at your place, with coherence, difference, and consistency. offer you a global reflection on your development and interactions with your audiences.

Brand strategy

Vision, daring and creativity.

Brand platform

Global strategic positioning

Brand pillar

Your base, your essential

Brand DNA

Missions - Values - Legacy – Vision

Slogan & Tone of voice

Brand humanisation, personality

Visual identity

Translation of your brand DNA into style.

Define your creative challenge

• Creative benchmark
• History of art and design
• Mood boards
• From business to brand identity

Graphic design

• Concept
• Design
• Logotype
• Graphical charter

Sensory concept Premium Print & packaging

Design the physical encounter with your brand. 

5 senses artistic direction

Materialized your products, your brand, your idendity

Combination of materials and techniques

Sensory conception and design

Sourcing & manufacturing monitoring

Suppliers management and quality control

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