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Area of work
Areas of work :

Designing communication content for a development organisation in Tunisia.

Established in the aftermath of the 2011 Tunisian revolution, Almadanya is the brainchild of Lotfi Maktouf, a philanthropist, writer, and international lawyer. As a former senior counselor at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Maktouf’s deep affection for his homeland drove him to establish an educational and developmental NGO. The organization is dedicated to nurturing Tunisia’s youth and fortifying the nation’s future.

Multipurpose communication

LuxuryBrands.Digital created a branding and communications strategy, fostering the establishment and growth of networks and partnerships among Tunisian citizens, businesses, and international donors.

Strategic Partnerships:'s Key Role in Almadanya's Network Expansion

Leveraging a blend of international strategic communications expertise and a deep commitment to cultural and humanitarian causes, formulated a branding and communication strategy. This strategy effectively established and nurtured networks and partnerships among Tunisian citizens, businesses, and foreign donors. Through collaboration with local councils and ministries such as Interior, Finance, Transport, Environment, and Education, facilitated Almadanya in establishing connections with a diverse array of organizations and corporations. Notable partners included Tunisia’s national airline, Tunisair, Tunisie Telecom, BNA bank, Microsoft, and Westminster School.