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BRANDING «GLOBAL» with exclusivity and privacy


When the board members of Alexander Strategy Group approached LuxuryBrands.Digital to create their Brand Identity, they came with a single word: GLOBAL. In such an exclusivity and privacy rooted industry, the word was both daring and tricky…

We worked closely with them, through workshops, in order to extract the core of their business model and approach. Those conversations helped us determine the Brand Strategy, which in-turn led us to the Brand Positioning and Graphic Identity.

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The logo was designed to represent the dynamic of that driving force. Both grounded in a square for stability, and in a circle to show the unifying force of the movement. The logo is the very essence of the word GLOBAL as experienced when collaborating with the ASG team.

“ASG, a driving force” then became the center of a design system based on the logo morphing into various forms and shapes to illustrate the kinetic force generated by the firm services. The bespoke iconography we developed for the Alexander Strategy Group carry meaningful icons which represent the firm ability to craft the best approach to any challenge with consistency.

In addition to the creation of the Brand Identity, supported by the Brand Book and a comprehensive set of digital and printed stationary, LuxuryBrands.Digital custom built a dynamic website to reflect this unique vision, online.

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About Alexander Strategy Group

Alexander Strategy Group is an international advisory firm, represented through 6 offices around the world. From Paris to Tokyo, Washington DC, London, Riyadh and Los Angeles, they work closely with the most prestigious leaders of our world to resolve complex challenges and overcome crises. Their exclusive team of experts has held leadership positions at the highest level of the U.S. federal governments and they are now recognised as trusted advisors to clients worldwide.

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