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Alexander Strategy Group
Global Consulting
Area of work
Areas of work :

Branding “Global” with exclusivity and privacy.

The Alexander Strategy Group is an international advisory firm, represented through 6 offices around the world. When the board members approached LuxuryBrands.Digital to create their Brand Identity, they came with a single word: GLOBAL.

Alexander Strategy Group, A driving force

Through workshops, we extracted the core of their business model and approach. The company’s vision was set: « ASG, a driving force ». The company’s bold vision was set after qualifying what GLOBAL meant while approaching external and internal missions. “ASG, a driving force. We thrive to deliver sophisticated solutions, daring to become a proactive and dedicated partner through the whole project.”

Visual Identity & Design system

Both the excellence and passion which drive ASG experts for micro to macro challenges are fuelling through that vision. It became the corner stone for the development of the Brand Identity. The logo represent the dynamic of this driving force. It became the cornerstone of a design system, based on the logo morphing into various forms and shapes to illustrate the kinetic force generated by the company’s services.

Develop a unique vision

In addition to creating the Brand Platform and a comprehensive set of digital and printed stationary, LuxuryBrands.Digital custom built a dynamic website to reflect this unique vision online: