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Areas of work :

Reliable technology, civil engineering and humain know how

Through years of experience and thanks to a multidisciplinary international team, Andriax has developed a truly differentiated approach in the industry, providing reliable technical solutions on land, sea or in the air, while offering a strong human expertise, becoming a reliable resource for any team they collaborate with. Not only do they provide excellence in their expertise, the team has also developed a unique exclusivity in their relationship with projects.

Elegant, timeless, monochrome, structured, sophisticated.

The LuxuryBrands.Digital team approached the creation of their brand with the goal of conveying elegance. They deliberately chose black and white imagery to emphasize structure and composition, eliminating the distractions of color. This choice not only conveys a timeless and classic aesthetic, but also signifies simplicity, refinement, and a commitment to visual coherence. By focusing on the monochromatic palette and highlighting thoughtful visual elements, the team seeks to convey a sense of sophistication, stability, and attention to detail in their brand identity.

Andriax: Elevating Engineering with Dynamic Orange and Sophisticated Lines

The incorporation of the brand’s distinctive “orange”, inspired by the iconic safety vest, is cleverly interwoven with dynamic lines, a visual representation of Andriax’s sophisticated and innovative approach to engineering, adding a layer of depth and contemporary flair to their brand identity.

Brand Assets and Tailored Website Development

We crafted comprehensive brand assets spanning digital, print, and sales tools to seamlessly support the brand experience across various communication touchpoints. Additionally, we meticulously designed and developed a customized website to elevate its online presence. Our focus on the website goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a strategic tool crafted to fortify the brand’s online presence, ensuring a seamless and compelling experience for visitors.