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Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

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Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation's prevention campaign

The mission of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation is to foster an inclusive world where children can thrive in a secure atmosphere and acquire the skills of harmonious living. By actively preventing drowning incidents, the Foundation not only saves lives but also promotes children’s education, emphasising the values instilled through sports.

Overcome fear, speak with humour

Luxurybrands.Digital orchestrated created the Drowning Prevention Campaign for Summer 2022, overseeing the development of messages and the campaign implementation. The primary objective was to communicate clear messages that resonate with both children and parents, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of water safety. The challenge was to make a significant impact without resorting to fear, distress, or invoking thoughts of mortality, particularly during the holiday season. Instead, joy and humor were integrated as inviting elements. The campaign employed facts, figures, and bold texts to effectively raise awareness.