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Sports nutrition
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Divine inspiration for superhuman performance

Inostyx creates products for athletes and sports enthusiasts using NMN-C, a molecule scientifically proven to support cellular rejuvenation and enhance performance. They turned to for creative direction and branding.

The brand that helps you to sport yourself better, safer and for longer.

Sport Span • For Athletes and sport enthusiasta Inostyx provide solutions for athletes and sport enthusiasts that want to prepare their body better, train safer, recover faster and enjoy their passion until the last day of their life.

A Branding to convey optimal strength and physical dynamism

We wanted Inostyx’s branding to convey optimal strength and physical dynamism. One of our visuals depicts the human body at its maximum extension, reflecting the performance «upgrade» provided by Inostyx products. The final image evokes the classic concept of an enhanced human form, depicted in mythology as a «demigod» – a hybrid of humanity and divinity who possesses superhuman powers and extraordinary strength.

Sport and dynamism across packaging

Inostyx packaging is a testament to our commitment to innovation and aesthetics. The dynamic graphics and vibrant color schemes are meticulously chosen to resonate with the spirit of athleticism.