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Areas of work :

National branding for Monaco

Working in collaboration with Monaco Inter Expo, a governmental events agency in Monaco, we undertook a comprehensive project to develop a global communications strategy that would encapsulate and convey the distinct messages and values of the Principality of Monaco. Our goal was to create a cohesive narrative that not only celebrated the rich Monégasque heritage but also effectively communicated HSH Prince Albert of Monaco’s vision for the future of his country.

Crafting a New Visual Identity for Monaco

Our approach to this project was multifaceted, focusing on the development of a new visual identity that would resonate with both the citizens of Monaco and a global audience. We sought inspiration from various elements and colors found in Monaco’s heraldry, a rich tapestry of symbols and motifs that reflect the Principality’s history and cultural identity. This led us to the rebranding of ‘Monaco Inter Expo’ as ‘Pavillon Monaco’. The choice of the word ‘Pavillon’, which in French means both ‘flag’ and ‘marquee’, was deliberate; it represents the dual nature of the company – its role in promoting Monaco and its function as a flagbearer of the national brand. This new strategy was met with approval and was officially presented by H.S.H Prince Albert himself during a significant event on the port of Monaco. This endorsement not only validated our approach but also emphasized the importance of the project in the context of Monaco’s national branding and global outreach.

Elevating Digital Presence: A 360° Creative Approach for Pavillon Monaco

In addition to the rebranding, we implemented a comprehensive 360° creative vision to support the new identity of Pavillon Monaco. This included an expansive digital strategy, which was crucial given the increasing importance of digital platforms in global communications. Our digital strategy was tailored to enhance the visibility of Pavillon Monaco, ensuring that the new brand identity and the values it represents were effectively communicated across various digital channels. - Official Partner of Monaco Pavilion for EXPO 2020 Dubai

Our partnership with Monaco Pavilion reached a new height when became the Official Partner of Monaco Pavilion for EXPO 2020 Dubai. This collaboration marked a significant milestone in our journey, allowing us to showcase our expertise and the effectiveness of our global communications strategy on an international stage.